Responding to the Unexpected or Working on the Edge

We can take care of delivery, maintenance, fueling, and pick-up, so you can focus on keeping your operations running smoothly. Whether you’re planning for a hurricane or a major industrial construction project, we’re here to help get you moving. Our generators are trailer mounted, have integrated fuel tanks, and automated load management and monitoring capabilities. They are perfect for remote job sites without utility services or for providing standby power.

Portable black generators from Devall Diesel

Be Prepared with Contingency Planning

Emergency power isn’t a want, it’s a critical need. Even a few hours of downtime can significantly affect productivity and profits. Being unprepared for a storm or other catastrophic event can severely harm your business and its day-to-day functions. With a contingency plan from Devall Diesel, you can avoid disruptions and keep operations running like normal. We have the equipment, people, and resources to respond to demanding situations and a complete line of quality-built, reliable generators to keep the lights on at all times. 

Weather the Storm With Confidence

From hurricanes and blizzards to grid failures, unexpected long-lasting power outages put businesses and individuals in harm’s way. We offer generators and dedicated 24/7 field service to ensure a reliable power supply for your operations in almost any circumstance. Whether you're already experiencing a power outage or want to proactively prepare before a storm hits, we're here to support you. If your operations demand unquestionable reliability, we can provide seasonal standby and first-right-of-refusal packages.

The Right Generator for Every Job, Anywhere

All our generators are mounted on trailers, operate quietly, have integrated fuel tanks, and come with iOS and Android apps for remote monitoring and control.

Our diverse rental fleet of trailer-mounted generators includes the following size options:

  • 20 kVA / 17 kW
  • 170 kVA / 137 kW
  • 25 kVA / 20 kW
  • 250 kVA / 201 kW
  • 50 kVA / 39 kW
  • 330 kVA / 263 kW
  • 80 kVA / 65 kW
  • 420 kVA / 334 kW
  • 130 kVA / 102 kW
  • 630 kVA / 503 kW

Need something bigger? Our largest generators feature advanced control systems that allow up to four of our 503 kW generators to synchronize on the same distribution system, providing a total output of 2 mW. When connected to a common distribution system, our 503 kW generators automatically start, stop, and synchronize based on load conditions.

Be Prepared, Contact Us Today

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